Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sweet Love Heart Cushion Throw
Love Heart Sweets, Artistic Embroidery - Throw CushionLove Heart Sweets, Artistic Embroidery - Throw Cushion
Traditional Mini sweets with sentiments printed within a 'love heart'. Inspired by this coming time of year, in the shops they appear, great to give and to decorate with! Artistic Cushion Throw, it certainly gives lush warm thoughts.

Abstract Wording on Hearts:
It's Love
Tease Me
For ever
Kiss me

Creating textured art with deep, bright embroidery threads to colour contrast and merge together to draw our eye to this gorgeous throw cushion.

White Linen/Cotton mix quality material, with vivid embroidery. The Bright Yellow Embroidered Boarder, all the way round gives it a luxury finish. Over 43,100 stitches and signed LMD in the design.

Throw: 10"x7.5",
Inner: :Luxury new duck feather cushion (Down & Feather), non allergenic

Note: Colours & material may vary slightly due to photograph quality. Also the material around the heart slightly gathers due to the intense stitching, this gives a 3D effect to the heart. Can be seen in the photographs.

More than one can be ordered, but will vary as they are unique in stitching! Colour variation also available. Convo me!

"The abstract embroidery has a life of its own. There are many layers involved, and I never know exactly what the end result will be. A truly unique creation through from the beginning of the design process, through to adding colour and removing colour, letting it merge into the material/fabric and even adding selected thread neon creates glazes with light and shade. Strokes and texture build up in and on the piece over the few hours it takes to complete each piece. This artistic process can be done exactly the same on two different cushion throws, and both will come out differently. They do have a life of their own. I work with artistic styles and the medium of machine embroidery. This process is definitely the most sensuous for me. The inspiration can come from many different places, photographs, paintings, objects and for instance, going to see a film. Part of the design packages I use have their own say in when a piece is finished. The stitching seems to be maxed out when the last thread layer is added! The piece darkens or lightens with the view point you have on it, as to what time of day and with varying light. It appears to move with the light and Shade. The stitches change from being sewn one way to another giving a unique contrasting life to the piece."

Lisa Marie Davies

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