Sunday, 26 August 2012

How I Work & My Processes

Morning   :-)

I have been working on a collection that represents London Sites.  I have designed and produced the London Eye Abstract Cushion/Throw in Purples and Blues to Greens.  Now its the Big Ben!  Taken from photographs and the times I walked passed the iconic building in Westminster.  This abstract will hopefully transpose over to my embroidery piece.  Many lush threads in golds, yellows and browns to use.  This piece of art will come to life with the texture and movement of the stitches going to and throw.

This morning I am going through the following process, come through the morning and day with me.  See how LMDSimplyBe creates and works.  You will see parts of my work space and the equipment/materials I use.

The process I go through:

  •  Ideas pop up in my mind, from places I visit, art I come across in my every day life or special days.
  • I sit down with visions, thoughts, ideas, items I have picked up on my outings.  Such as a leaf, feather, acorn or pine cone.  Or a photograph I have taken and inspiration from others photographs.  I can draw on paper my outline or scan into the computer my photographs or the drawings I have done.  
  • Sat using my Coral DRAWings 4 package that I have on my desktop, the embroidery design comes to life on screen with additions, corrections, changes in colours and size.  I add my LMD signature and LMD frame to my design and Print out.

  • This embroidery design is coverted through a 4D Embroidery System package onto my Embroidery Machine USB. 
  • Now I can use the colour codes given from the colours I have chosen on the Coral DRAWings 4 package, or choose from the range of threads I have in stock.  I usually use MADEIRA Rayon Classic or Polyneon  and Gutermann Sulky.  Good quality threads help give a good quality finish and textures to my art, like using good quality oil paints, pastels etc.  Materials are important to the finished item you desire.  This helps me move on to the next step
  • I use a range of materials  
      • Vintage, cottons and linen from across the world.  Great for a rustic feel or some of the kids/pattern designs have great memories or are much more unusual and unique to purchase.
      • Luxury quality, linen/cotton mix soft pure white natural fabric. Natural great care for you.60% - natural cotton, 40% - natural linen.  Also know as cotton, baumwolle is a natural fiber, obtained from plants of the genus Gossypium, used in making fabrics. The word "linen" is cognate with the Latin for the flax plant, which is linum, and the earlier Greek linon.
      • Woven Cotton - high quality, luxury and has a heavier weight to it.  You will see from the items I have in my shop at present, the Biscuit, Dusky Pink, Teal, Cream colours.
      • Pure 100% Linen is much lighter feel in texture, like the shirts we buy.  In store at present I have the Lime Green, or the Royal Blue.  I have used these for backing to throws and in the Organic French Lavender sachets.  Great for the  five senses.  Did you know that Lavender can still smell for over 150 years!  This brings me onto inner's.
  • Inside my products I usually use Duck feather, non allergenic, machine washable.  As mention Organic French Lavender.  Sometimes for added filling and weight Rice grain.
  • The material is placed in a Pfaff Machine Embroidery Ring, ready to be placed onto the Pfaff Creative 2.0 Embroidery Machine. It has its own computer in it and reads the USB.  You can see the design on screen and it show you the change in threads that is required, the amount of stitches for each step of the way.  When embroidery is complete finishing touches are made and then the embroidery is transformed into an item for sale, such as a throw.  I sew it together with the fillings and extras.  Ironing is usual, and hemming.
  • Enjoy what I have created and now is the time to show it off in its best form.  Photography, I usually use my IPhone to take pictures and download them onto my desktop.  These then are edited and the best ones chosen to be used on LMDSimplyBe Etsy Shop and for my other communication media sites.
  • Analysis is done for the cost and pricing of each product. Taking into the processes and design is unique to LMDSimplyBe.
  • Then its over to the consumers ........
  • Look out for my BIG BEN in the shop over the next few days!  And how its transforms over this process.
Copyright. LMDSimplyBe.

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