Saturday, 8 September 2012

Wild Feather Throw Cushions

Duck feathers, galore in my area with all the throw fillings. Lots of colour differences from pure white, blacks, Browns, oranges to multiple coloured ones. Inspiring an autumn collection feather design with a vibrant twist and fullness that the duck feather inners always give to the throws. My feather design, not saying that this is a duck feather, but it is where the idea originated from. Tickles away.

Vintage Linen with embroidered wild feather in Plum and browns or Blueberry and Browns. Brown embroidered Boarder all the way round gives it a luxury finish. Over 43,500 stitches, signed LMD in the design. Please state when ordering which throw pillow Plum or Blueberry? Click Cart Twice for both!

Approximately = 9.5" x 6.5",
Inner: Luxury new duck feather cushion (Down & Feather), non allergenic
Note: vintage material may vary slightly, Bobbles and markings may vary due to age.

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