Monday, 27 August 2012

Grandma's Hand Embroidery - Photograph

Hope & I's working progress

For many a years I have always thought that hidden away is a business I would like to have, I knew it had some sought of craft involved in it.

Looking back to school, pivotal moments were in my sewing class, I designed and produced a free-hand embroidered dragon. I liked art class, especially pencil drawings. Even further back than this you would always find me in a corner somewhere colouring. I loved it when I got a new colouring book and new pencils.

In my 20's I became a Teacher/Lecturer in business, and enjoyed in my spare time to hand embroider. Some of those first pieces mean the most. I introduced my grandmother to hand embroidery as a hobby and I have some of her beautiful artwork with me in memory of her.

Finding myself as single parent to my daughter Hope I have decided to create a new life enhancing experience. Hope is a great inspiration and help to me. We are growing together in this experience. She is 8 and wants to own a dress shop when she grows up. So this is very good experience for both of us. She has really got into checking the viewing stats of the shop. Its amazing how much they pick up from what we do.

I bought my first embroidery sewing machine in 2007, and I am now on my second. The technology is a little behind my ideas which can be frustrating, trying to make drawing packages and equipment do the unknown. I persist and I will move in new ways with the future. A journey that is me, my dream.

I came across Etsy through a work colleague, who gave me the link, she had been to a craft course and mentioned trying it out. Its great that Etsy is very open on the business processes. I keep learning about how Etsy works. If anyone can see any improvement to LMDSimplyBe please convo me. Feedback would be great! Theory is very different to actually running my own business. Continually working through my own weaknesses and strengths.

Looking forwards to the medium to long term I would love to open a small shop where I can design, produce my work in the shop at the back and have on display my pieces of art in glass cabinets around the shop for all to come and see how it all works from beginning to end. Has to have a couch. Wish me well! I will keep you informed as to how I do!

I can see even in the last month that I am becoming more artistic with my designs. The new collection for the autumn is in process and I hope for it to be successful. Full-time commitment is a scaring one, especially with being a single parent, but if I don't do it now I seem to become very angry with myself. Thank you Hope for all your support. Love Mummy.

Lisa Marie Davies
BA (Hons) P.G.C.E

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